Sunday, November 23, 2008

What's Up Doc?

Wow! Well, I have definitely fallen behind! So what have we been up to that has kept us away from the wonderful world of blogging?

Everything! lol

It is the beginning of the holiday season and my(Courtney) work has been swamped! Today we had 50 appointments on the just 7 short hours!!!! It's crazy busy...and I love it! And then outside of work, I've been prepping for Thanksgiving. We are hosting dinner at our apartment this year. I'm making the turkey, potatoes, and desserts. And my cousin is making all the veggies and rolls! I still have to clean the house sometime this week....yikes! Plus, we're getting ready to move soon. Found a new apartment with some great amenities...fireplace, our own washer and dryer, and tons of fitness classes. We're really excited about it! Moving day is Mid December. Matt has been busying flying here and there. He actually was able to come home for a few extra days after a big trip! It's so nice when he's home.

We're spending a lot of our time focused on finishing up our adoption paperwork. Most is done....just waiting on a few things to come back! I know that I'm very excited about the whole process. I think we are going to be good parents. And honestly, I'm a little nervous...I get to play with children all day almost everyday at work. But when we actually have a child of our isn't just making them smile and's teaching them right from wrong. Teaching them how to be truly happy... Teaching them everything they'll need to know to fight against the powers of Satan. That's a big responsibility...and it's kind of scary! I believe that Heavenly Father trusts us with his precious spirit children. And I know with His help, we'll be able to get them back to Him.