Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Day For The Books

An Update:
We have all of our adoption paperwork done! We're currently waiting for our doctor to mail our medicals to LDS Family Services. Once they get that, our case worker will give us a call to schedule our home visit. That's where they come in and see where and how we live. It's completely unnerving! I'm running around frantically cleaning and organizing the house. I am starting to feel like a beheaded chicken. But I have a feeling it's going to be completely worth it in the end. That idea is the thing that keeps me going.

But in the last few days I've begun realizing that we don't have much in the way of baby supplies. And that as we are getting so close to the home study visits that now is the time to prepare for having a baby! So, today I went and bought a few supplies. I bought diapers for the first time! =) I suppose it's kind of silly to get this excited over 36 newborn diapers. But to me it feels so concrete that some day in the (relatively) near future we will have a baby in this house. I also bought some baby proofing items, a few onsies, and some bedding for our crib. It's strangley uplifting for me to search and buy baby items. I am glad that we have a few larger items arleady taken care of so I can focus on the smaller things. Hopefully, by the time we are picked we will have almost everything we'll need.
Outside our world of adoption, I have started another semester of school. This summer I'm taking a Digital Imaging class. I'm learning all the cool tricks to photoshop. I find it nice to actually know that I'm preforming the correct techniques. It's only two nights a week but it's starting to be kind of intense. I'm excited to finish the class.

Matt has started a home fitness program, P90X, and is enjoying the hard workouts. He's already lost a few pounds and it's only been a few weeks. He is very excited to see how far this program can take him. Work is a little slow for him right now, but that's the way we like it. He flies fallen soldiers home, so we like it when he doesn't have to fly anyone home.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring has sprung! And wow, it is beautiful out here in MI. Everything is turning green and the trees are blossoming. It really looks like popcorn is popping on the blossoming trees. You can even smell spring in the air. It smells lush and refreshing. And the amount of daylight is wonderful! I'm writing this at 8:30pm and it's still light outside, just barely starting to turn into the sunset colors.

Spring isn't just warmer weather. It's also time for Spring Cleaning! We're working on keeping the house organized. We're down to two rooms that still need a little help, the master and the office. I'm sure that we'll get them all set in the right order this week. Spring is also well known for "Twitterpation" or being "Twitterpated"(from Bambi). It's a great time of the year because you have a wonderful excuse to hold hands and snuggle up close. Love is in the air.

But I think my favorite part of spring is that spring brings so many options. There's tons of things that you can do! Our complex just opened up a frisbee golf course. I'm sure we'll enjoy that this season. All the putt putt places are finally open again. Soon the amusement and water parks will open up. But the best all the great picnics that you can have! With the food and the friends, it always a perfect time, even with the ants! We have pulled the grill out and it is ready to see some firey action. Plans are already in the works for some geniune good ole' Texas Bar-B-Que slow roasted brisket. It's making my mouth water just thinking about it!