Saturday, February 7, 2009

There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror.

I was thinking that I would show everyone out there that I actually do work on the rare occasion. I don't just sit around and wait for the boss man to page me. Oh wait, we've been upgraded to the twenty-first century and now I receive text messages!!!
For those who don't know, or can't tell from the video...I fly airplanes for a living. This was shot by a good friend of mine who was flying with me.

The end of an era

Well, after at least 6 years of faithful service to this family, our truck has finally said it has had enough. About a week ago it hit a patch of ice and couldn't handle the pressure. So it bounced around for awhile and finally died. It was so sad to see the trail of blood(transmission fluid) leading to our little white truck in the parking lot of the tow company. Luckily in its final minutes it gave all it had to keep Matt safe! It dies a hero!

This shocking death has opened up a need for a new vehicle. Matt and I went out shopping for a replacement. And I think we may have found the perfect family car. In fact I'm so sure of it's perfectness that we went ahead and bought it!!! I'll get some photos taken and post them soon.
Till then!