Saturday, April 18, 2009

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

April 15th, Matt and I enjoyed attending the Tax Day Tea Party. It was all about standing up and letting the Government know that we don't approve of their spending habits. And protest the burdens of taxation for their bad judgments concerning America's wallet.
It was a really neat experience. It was my very first political rally!

With Matt being a pilot he can be away from home a lot. But that doesn't stop us from doing things together! Like the Tea Party...Matt had business in Delaware and I was home here in Michigan. But we both went to our own Tea Party and we we're able to talk about our experiences later that night! It's neat that even though we're apart, we're working together towards the same goal.

Here in Michigan: We made posters and stood on the corner in front of the court house. We waved at the passing cars and talked to the people on the street. We had a lot of support there! About 150-200 people showed up. The news and paper were there talking with people. We even sang "America The Beautiful". =) It was very uplifting and encouraging.

There in Delaware: It rained all day. But they still got a large crowd together. I'm not sure how many people, but more than here in MI. They had speakers...who talked about the hardships of taxation, and the appalling amounts of money being spent in Washington. People had picket signs. Matt was glad that he went. And even happier that he took his wife's advice and bought an umbrella! =)

We like to stay politically informed and involved. Matt is always listening to or watching some Conservative Talk Show. We both really love this country.