Friday, December 17, 2010

"Everyone carries around his own monsters"

My monster, you ask?

A 10lbs little boy named Benjamin!
Who is currently, and thankfully, asleep in his swing.  Allowing his mommy(aka- me) some time to make herself a tasty dinner, watch a movie, and clean the kitchen.  And yes, that is all at the same time!  I'm even managing to get some blogging done!  

Honestly, it's Heaven! 

I am having a blast getting to know Benjamin!  He is an amazing baby!  Completely handsome, smiling up a storm, and winning over all the hearts of everyone that comes in contact with him!  And while we call him our little monster, he is normally very easy going!  But Ben has definitely found his voice and he loves to see how loud he can be.  And he loves to stand.  He gets the biggest smile, sticks out his tongue, screams, and then starts trying to bounce!  It's sooo funny!

Well, I hear my little monster starting to fuss, which probably means he wants something to eat.  So I'll leave you with just a few pictures.

I know I do!!!


Jamie said...

Oh the pacifier! Love it!

Clark Family said...

It's been a while since I caught your updates. I REALLY enjoyed it. What a sweet look into your life. Thanks!