Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We're an eternal family... living one day at a time!

I just have to say that yes we are alive...
no i haven't forgotten about my blog...
I've just been too lazy busy to sit down and write about our lives!  

Ben is 10 months old!  He is still just as fantastic as ever!  His adoption was finalized May 19 2011.  And he was sealed into our eternal family July 16 2011! I have plans for a more detailed account of Ben's big day at the temple- coming soon.  Ben was able to meet a whole slew of family!  And he loved every minute of attention!!! 

He is just getting so big!  I don't want to admit that he is getting taller.  But I do love that he is becoming even more animated and confident in himself!  Ben has this sweet and feisty BIG personality and he is just happy as a lark to share it with everyone he sees!  And he has the cutest dimples any mom could ever swoon at.

Ben Loves:
Pulling himself up to a standing position
Eating "real" people food 
Walking with mom or dad's help
Walking along the furniture with out any help from mom or dad
Toppling over the laundry baskets- esp if they are filled with clean laundry
Shaun the Sheep
Giving kisses (although at the moment he's being a little stingy!  lol)
Pulling mommy's hair
Throwing his food
The Bathroom- we've had to keep the door closed otherwise he crawls like a mad man in that direction to play in there. 
Chewing on the Wii remote
Mommy's cell phone
His blue blanket from g-ma and g-pa G

Ben Hates:
Taking naps
Eating baby food
Being stuck in his exersaucer
Yo Gabba Gabba - he gets the biggest scaredy cat look on his face, then he starts screaming bloody murder!  it really does terrify him (and i don't blame him.  it is one freaky show)
Being contained for diaper changes
When daddy is away
Not being allowed to play with mommy's cell phone
Going to bed
And when mommy has to say "no"

Life is really good at the moment.


Jamie said...

Cute update! Growing up happens so fast!