Saturday, February 4, 2012

There are sticky notes all over my walls

All over the house there are little pink post-its labeling each room: office, Ben's room, master bedroom, laundry, etc. The floor is littered various boxes with similar labels. Most are opened and half empty, but some are still sealed shut.  They are just waiting for their contents to be revealed and subsequently organized. 

We've moved.  

Left the cold air and snow of Detroit, for the sunny and warm (soon to be scorching hot) Las Vegas!  And while I am ecstatic to finally be here, I am having difficulties unpacking.  Zero motivation.  So tonight I am playing on the computer listening to Ben sleep in his room.  Matt is downstairs watching a little tv- the news about whose winning the caucus here in Nevada.  And I'm happy... I'm content in this moment.  Because I'm at home.  So I think the pink post-its will stay on the walls just a little longer, as I relish in this bliss of being at home here in Vegas., if only I could figure out how to get everywhere...